About Pocket

Spin and you gonna be light!”

Harald Pfeffer-Cordes

I am


My heart on my lips.

My truth on my tongue.

With music in my mind…

I am dancing the path.

Arts in my hands.

Visionary in my eyes.

In love with nature.

A child´s best friend.

And last but not least, certified to do

what I do.


Call Me


Find out more about…

My PURPOSE: Profession. Path. Potential.

My BABY: Hip Hop 4 Hope. With Street Art Against Street Violence.

My EXPRESSION: Dance & Art, Art & Trauma Release

My SPIRITUAL REALITY: Hands On Mysticism

The times to prioritize fiat money are over.

Let´s celebrate that by creating alternatives.


Note that I am happy to exchange my service for services on your part.

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