Profession. Path. Potential.


I am an enthusiastic teacher, certified in Ludwigsburg, Germany, with a specialization on educational inequality and migration, as well as a dance- and art coach. I perform in international programs against child labor and street childhood in European and Asian countries such as India, the Philippines and Indonesia since 2010.My charity foundation Hip Hop 4 Hope has been founded in 2013 and our projects take place in several countries all over the world ever since.


I naturally and systematically fuse all my achievements and applied sciences in a flexible way. There is almost nothing one is convinced about one can’t relate to each other.Basically, my dance releases my lungs, Vinyasa builds my Hip Hop, my breath awakens my purpose and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) makes me speak out loud. My work for people has been made of physical flexibility which is inspired by mental concepts, created by the mind. ALL PUZZLE


My efforts in intercultural matters aim at creating scopes for explorations of identity through visual arts, urban dance and music on the one hand and language learning (e.g. German as a second language), philosophy and mysticism on the other hand. In social groups the individual will be stimulated to discover the own self as a hybrid subject.

During my pedagogy studies in Germany I came across the authors Ivan Illich and Paulo Freire who were the godfathers of the demand for “Deschooling society” in the 70´s. Their timeless stance of an institutional monopoly on education and evolution appealed to me like a key. It´s been a plausible response on experiences I made in governmental school systems in North India, during my times doing cultural development cooperation in the Philippines and within western public school systems. The monopoly on education and upbringing is incorporated by economical and governmental agendas.


On my very personal path of seeking for deeper knowledge and balance I first found enormous excitement in yoga, autogenic training and meditation. Since 2018 I got attuned in Reiki Level I & II in Thailand and Indonesia by Marina Frey and Mark Knight. Furthermore, I am studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mythology, well inspired by my doctor and teacher Harald Pfeffer-Cordes (Germany) and the teachers Prof. Dr. Heiner Frühauf (U.S.) and Dr. Med. Georg Weidinger (Austria). In my personal studies I link gained insights with wisdoms of the “Yoga of the West”, the Practical Qabalah and further strains of Eastern and Western mysticism.

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