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Always rejected: Aggression

So, I am sitting in this Kriya Yoga session, next to that person who is sharing, that he felt lots of aggression coming up doing the practice…asking if this is natural.

My own practice made me feel buzzed, creative and courageous about an action to take within the worldwide narrative and my mind has taken me wondering why I don´t know many many men who would be brave enough to do the same.

We exchanged about different phases of grief and I was telling him about this book that I read years ago: “Aggression” by Jesper Juul. In here, he speaks about the hidden beauty of aggression…which basically is pure life force. Drive for living, thriving and surviving. It´s only the programming that makes people linking it up with violence. Thinking in extremes.

People hide their emotions (connoted with the feminine) “to be okay”…which causes violence towards others…

Or the self. They hide their aggression (male concept) because they fear the outcome.

It´s not our fault.

It´s perhaps our responsibility to take back responsibility, though.

Because both qualities have so much potential for creativity,  productivity and growth.

I see all that as my job…

Encouraging young people to integrate their female and their male parts early.

Connecting to the need for surrender and vulnerability as a save space for emotions. And setting up their freedom for courage, force and action.

About trees, humans and communities

In the first chapter of the book THE HIDDEN LIFE OF TREES by Peter Wohlleben, we can already learn a lot about community:


Trees need each other´s support to create a climate that helps them living and striving.

Alone, they couldn´t create that climate.

Therefore, they nourish all other trees who need help, regardless of their species.

But there seems to be a difference in the membership. It´s not about classes in society, though.

It´s the level of connection and affection that decides about the amount of help the community will provide.

Affection is caused by consideration of the others when a tree grows: if they give space to the other one´s branches and don´t enter their light territory, this will be rewarded.

When they allow each other their space, they are often so entangled in their roots, so deeply connected, that they die together.

Planted forests as most of the coniferous forests in Europe though, behave like street kids: As their roots are already irreparably damaged when they are planted, they have difficulties to connect. They suffer from loneliness and die early: already after 100 years.


Some of you have chosen a new path. Some of you are on their ways. Some have arrived and settle, root down now.

What is your focus in the minute?

What are your visions?

What is missing?

What do you need in your core?

What solutions have you already found?

Who is your favorite person around you? And why?

How would you complete this question: “Wouldn´t it be nice, if…?”


I wish you a good talk to yourself.

And I am glad about any of your feedback about your brooding. It will enrichen my and our investments in future friendships, teams and communities.

Be your gifts

(I am my fire 😉)


In “these times”…

I experience that

Not only adults but also children wonder where the right place is

To be.

Because it´s “transition-times”.

Time of transition. Of “being”

So much more than “heading towards…”

Sometimes, being a “teacher” means to simply “be” in the space with the “student”.

Allowing vulnerability to create friendships and an overcoming of programmed hierarchies.

An invitation to be present and claim presence.

Creating memories together that are timeless

And come to life

When “these times” of transition are over

And there is knowing about our role in the present.

With Pocket Potentials we look into each other´s eyes and see potentials for these and other times.

Unwrapping the gifts with laughter.

We all bring them.

Let´s talk.

Quantumplations by Adam S.

Perhaps the irony and humor of being human and alive on this planet in these times is exactly so many experiences are residing in humanity.

Anger. rage, hatred, indifference, greed, mass suffering, induced poverty, manipulation and deception are being experienced,

just as some are experiencing states of love, joy, creative expression, purpose and spiritual awakening and embodiment.

My question for all humans is if you knew the powers the run the world plan almost total destruction of human liberty and values as we have known it, would you do something about it?

I ask as I was reading over the following report from a recent World Economic Forum and feel its high time the people’s of the world coalesce and stand up for our sacred humanity.I for one will never accept living in this proposed future society where privacy and personal rights have been stripped from all world citizens.Have a read of this info and come to your own senses on what’s being planned behind closed doors for us all, unless we choose to stand up and change the course of history together.

Watch Us!

A very big THANK YOU to Sol Energies Oliver & Bex Jenkin for enriching my creativity in order to provide guidance to unschooling families. Here, we speak on Facebook Live. Unschooling is a dance, it´s full of fun, deconstruction & challenges and the best way to manage change is to improvise … and connect!

Keep moving – Be Solstice.

As they say

I can´t save the world

Today I danced in bliss

at one of my favorite spots in the world

for those who are locked in houses, tiny rooms and sweaty shacks

all over the plane since march or longer or since weeks

For those in fear of a virus, of a mutation, of exosomes, of 5Gimensional madness on roofs, of governments, of UN-Agendas 21, of AI dystopia, extorted things called health, of modern centralized warfare against humans, for those in fear of connection. For those in fear of opening eyes to see and ears to hear. For those who feel cut off from tribe and origin.

Considering that good and evil are same same but different, “because as soon as developments go to extremes, the end of a phase has been reached

and the pendulum will usually swing in the other direction and approach stability again”.

My big brother Lao Zu and my sister Dion Fortune said so.

Humans are light put into form.

Believe it or not.

It´s true.


Challenge Homeschooling

A very good article of an overwhelmed mother … trying to implement “school life” into “family life”. Many parents feel desperate after the first weeks of Homeschooling. That has reasons. The big key is to let go of all known education concepts – and create your very own. Contact me for a Free Consultation and further information.

Igniting Symbols, Igniting Potentials

Miron, 4 years old loves to bend the elements with hands & heart and draws the Reiki symbols as if he had never done anything else before! #reikiwithchildren#reikitreatments#pocketpotentials

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