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“No rules, only music. No mirror. Release energies and grab new ones from the surrounding. „Meltitate“ in your movement. Turn on music as loud as possible. Listening a lot to good music helps you to feel comfortable with yourself and create foundation. Find balance in silence.”


Dance: A Bright World Of Deep Physical & Psychological Knowledge

Our physical condition is a mirror of yourself within. If I feel focused, I can be sure that my body is stable too and I can do moves I didn’t expect. If I practice physical flexibility my mind becomes flexible right away. It’s like shaking inner worlds awake. If I practice lots of ground work I feel more grounded in the end. Unless I fall a lot. It is the same with yoga. Try a tree position and you are going to see if you are more Yin or Yang based.

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Choose one of the favored ones…

  • I Hybrid – Interculturality & Dance
  • Yoga kisses Breakdance – How to Break down a Vinyasa?
  • Mudra Handstyles – Gestures and Meanings
  • Accidental Freedom – Flexibility on the floor
  • Hip Hop Heal – Biographic Dance
  • Ecstatic Dance Kids – Experience of Flow
  • Hip Hop 4 Hope – Enthusiastic & dynamic
  • The 5th Element – Ancient Teachings meet Modern Movements
  • In Art – Dance meets applied Arts
  • Qi Gong Breath Workout – Sweat and breath
  • Dance in School – How to implement movement in teaching curricula

…or let us create your individualized concept.

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All my classes can be provided for GROUPS and INDIVIDUALS.


Hip Hop 4 Hope Manila – With Street Culture Against Street Violence

Hip Hop 4 Hope

Hip Hop 4 Hope is a charity foundation organized in several countries and founded in 2013. Our international teams use Urban Arts as a tool to uplift young kids and keep them away from drugs and street violence, to focus their energies on more positive pursuits. With our passion for the five elements of Hip Hop (Dance, Rap, DJ, Graffiti & Knowledge) we cooperate with international professional Hip Hop artists to inspire kids all around the world. Hip Hop is not ME. Hip Hop is WE.

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They say…

Deborah is a very motivating and empathetic teacher. She can impart knowledge in a variety of dance styles and adapts individually to the wishes of the student. Highly recommended!!!

Birgit Z., Germany, Mother of a Student

“Every time we meet i learn something new and important!!! Now i have a new way to explore dance just by your way of dancing and “letting go”.  From mindsets in battles to just dancing freely, I learned so many things. But more importantly, your passion for children and your heart to help!!! So inspiring. That it ignited us Filipinos to continue what you´ve started.”

James E. W., Philippines, Professional Dancer & Teacher

“Every impression that Hip Hop 4 Hope is sharing with us leaves me speechless. It’s hard to really get an idea of what’s going on there but I can imagine that it is one of the most beautiful things happening in this world. Thank you for doing what you do Deborah Joue & team and everyone else supporting you.”

Judith B., Germany, Professional Dancer & Supporter

Art Classes

The element metal evolves deep within the soil and represents one´s potential. Grab in the depth of your lungs to find it.”


Changing environments, free drawing exercises, design freely and exploratory vs. guided and true to detail. Get to know different mixing techniques and color sensitivities. Work with different objects and auditory impressions. Model and remodel models. Glazing techniques vs. past-like paint application with acrylic, oil and watercolor paints; draw with charcoal, pencil and fine liner. Dance with color.

Art & Trauma Seminars

In an absolutely enchanting team of psychologists and artists I accompany teenagers and young adults in crisis situations back into their fire – with art, dance, theater, and text.

Keen To Book A Class?

All classes can be provided for GROUPS and INDIVIDUALS.


The times to prioritize fiat money are over. Let´s celebrate that by creating alternatives. Skill sharing. Note that I am happy to exchange my service for services on your part.

They say…

“Super fun and motivating, very structured. Supports your own development very systematically.” –

Burkhardt W., Germany, Father of a Student

“I will remember these workshops for a long time. I felt welcome and protected. And getting the compliments by other participants within the group was great and my favorite practice. I enjoyed dancing and sharing thoughts. Or taking pictures, playing drama. Painting was great too. I actually never paint.”

S., Germany, Art & Trauma Participant

“Our daughter R. liked the seminar very much – she is proud of her work and has found a good way to deal with her feelings.”

Mother of Art & Trauma Participant

I really enjoyed the seminar-weekend without exception. It was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. There are aftermaths too, even if I still feel lost, I’m much happier than before. At the seminar it was particularly important to me that I would feel better and meet people who also have to cope with a loss. What I will remember most is the good mood and that there was no separation but we were all a group.

K., Germany, Art & Trauma Participant

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