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6 Elements. 6 Senses.

In any of my teachings, consultations and concepts you will recognize influences of my very own studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Mythology, Western Mysticism such as the Practical Qabalah as well as in Phenomenology.

It´s all about eternal light incarnating into form to become matter.

It´s up to you what happens next!

Observe nature´s symmetry and traditions of the seasons and learn about yourself and your own cycles. We are an image of the cosmos, an image of nature and we suffer from the loss of direct access.

Nature is always right.

Harald Pfeffer-Cordes, TCM practitioner, Germany

Deborah speaking about Pocket Potentials, Hip Hop 4 Hope, spirituality & the magix of the own self.

My own Reiki journey didn´t ask. It pulled me deep into inner realms with full power, made my dreams fly around my ears and expanded my consciousness for the ethereal plane we live in. Usui Reiki means to embrace the energies around us to release blockages within the self, in others and within relationship dynamics.

The most amazing gift for me is to impart Reiki to the pocket humans. Imagine your child with the power to regulate energies…like a real bender of the elements!

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“There is no lack of energy in the universe. I want more power? It is already here.”

Marina Frey, my Yoga & Reiki instructor, Thailand

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & The Yoga Of The West

„You´ve got to ride the dragon!”

Harald Pfeffer-Cordes, TCM practitioner, Germany

Traditional Chinese Medicine consists of the three pillars acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle. It is based on the five elements earth, water, fire, wood & metal. The hologram of the organ clock represents processes of change in the microcosm as well as the macrocosm. If we turn to the TCM from a mythological perspective, then all the phenomena of existence can be assigned and described precisely with the help of the organ clock. From here, we can correlate to other philosophies and ancient teachings. The mystical Qabalah is a system and a method that cannot be determined at its age and was rediscovered by scholars in the Renaissance. It is the epitome of Western mysticism. The initiates call it “The Yoga of the West”. It remains a secret to those for whom the Tree Of Life is a simple hologram. But for those who study it, the Qabalah opens doors to other realms of this reality through contemplation and meditation.

Microcosmic & Macrocosmic Concepts

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  • TCM, Ecstasy & Learning
  • TCM & Stress
  • TCM, Qabalistic Contemplations & Money
  • TCM, Qabalistic Contemplations & the Sun
  • TCM, Qabalistic Contemplations & Sexuality
  • TCM, Dance & the 5th element: Old teachings meet modern movements

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