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Her father says it is changing his life and with tears of joy he´s realizing this journey will be an unschooling for both, him and I, as well…


2020. So uncool. So, UNSCHOOL! In 2021, you may have good reasons for an unschooling life. So let´s do it very consciously by using the advantages of a structured day, implementing innovative ideas for your family life.

Let´s Unschool Your Children…and Yourself!


We create individual & dynamic schedules for all ages, supported by a worldwide network of professional teachers, thinkers and activists and based on your children´s very individual potentials.

All adventures online or in nature.

Based on a vital teacher-student friendship. Visit your favorite teachers here: Network


Your choice, my supervision. Imagine, your children are around you every day, all day, no holiday. Increasing responsibility, decreasing amount of time. What about income? Home-School on the kitchen table??

Many parents moan after a few weeks of Homeschooling.

Let´s not invite these issues in.

Let´s not do it the commercial way.

We implement the Unschool education framework within your family dynamics together.

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Pocket Potentials with Sol Energies facing Unschooling fun & challenges here on Facebook Live!

NEW PROMO- split the prices between you and your community

The Pocket Potentials Community Package is a 1-month Unschooling course that supports you, your family & your whole community to set up a self-sufficient educational path for your child. The consultations, trainings and professional coachings include practical tools, materials, close guidance and access to a worldwide unschooling community. No tutorials – all in person and individually supported. Based on 15 years of experience. Split the price between you and your community.

“Shen tong yin. My soul expands glowing.” Chinese

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My Unlucky Number 7 Of School

Based on 12 years of observations and experience with in-house learning as well as unschooling worldwide, I have identified 7 key areas of school shortcomings:

  1. School as a mechanism of economy and governments. Phenomenons like our emotional & spiritual reality, natural cycles, keys of sexuality and the worthiness of self are under deep programming.
  2. Constant time pressure for teachers and students > causing focus on logical learning & the mental body. Lack of time given for evolution of emotional intelligence, intuition & integrity.
  3. Modern hype of diagnosis & even medical interventions. Since 2020 without approval. of parents.
  4. Hierarchy of age, authority and mindset.
  5. Blockages in visionary optimization and evolution of schools by parents > causing insecurity about new developments. Parents often appreciate what they know, even if what they experienced was of low value for themselves.
  6. Early comparison in big groups (with all their advantages!).
  7. Daily term of “work” implemented too early.

With Pocket Potentials we look into each other´s eyes and see potentials for these and other times. Unwrapping the gifts with laughter. We all bring them.

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Past Events

They say…

“Very thought provoking!”

Andy G., United Kingdom, Father & Unschooling client

“Her father has been reading your concept sheet like a handbook (it’s on a clipboard hanging right where they play!) and says it is changing his life and just tears of joy and realizing this journey will be an unschooling for both, him and I, as well… thank you for this gift. For those who have eyes to see… it is precious like gold.

“Thanks so much for your support and sharing your experience and wisdom, it means a lot to us.”


“The kids love you – because you catch human – overlooking the children´s needs, always aiming towards fostering the child´s development of a good and free human being.”

Maria d., Germany, Mother of a student

“I consider you to be an extraordinarily talented and capable teacher, which is also symbolized by your outstanding achievements.”

Sascha O., Germany, Instructor


must be the number of the children I have worked with during the last…

15 years

of experience.

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