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Her father says it is changing his life and with tears of joy he´s realizing this journey will be an unschooling for both, him and I, as well…


How cool is school today? You may be tired of “top-down”-instructions and crave to “bottom-up” your family life with inspiration & dignity. We go all in with you! We help creating the Unschooling framework that fits your path: consciously, professionally & independently.

Let´s Unschool Your Children…and Yourself!


We create individual & dynamic curricula for all ages, supported by a worldwide network of professional teachers, thinkers and activists and based on your children´s very individual interests & potentials.

All interactive classes are set up online or in person.

Based on a vital teacher-student friendship. Visit your favorite teachers here: Network

“Luke and Lennard are teacher and student. Both love surfing every day. One of them in Portugal, one of them in Bali. They meet each other daily for math & language classes and call each other Bro.”


Your choice, our supervision. Imagine, your children are around you every day, all day, no holiday. Increasing responsibility, decreasing amount of time. What about income? Home-School on the kitchen table??

Many parents moan after a few weeks of Homeschooling.

Let´s not invite these issues in.

Let´s not do it the commercial way.

We implement the Unschooling framework within your family dynamics together.


Coaching means: “Let´s face it together”. In the joint work we unlock your inner filters and concepts, check in with your resulting convictions and open up the chance for real change and gold star evolution from the inside out. Finally free yourself from the rubbish bags in your powerhouse: Shadow stories that comfortably or uncomfortably keep you away from experiencing yourself at your core and gifting the world with your uniqueness.

In the child and youth coaching, we finally break down blockages in a playful way! The child learns, how much power it has over its feelings & thoughts, to know about its own body & superpowers, to solve its own blockages independently, to learn joyfully and self-directed and to take initiative.

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Pocket Potentials with Sol Energies facing Unschooling fun & challenges here on Facebook Live!

“Shen tong yin. My soul expands glowing.” Chinese

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My Unlucky Number 7 Of School

Based on 12 years of observations and experience with in-house learning as well as unschooling worldwide, I have identified 7 key areas of school shortcomings:

  1. School as a mechanism of economy and governments. Phenomenons like our emotional & spiritual reality, natural cycles, keys of sexuality and the worthiness of self are under deep programming.
  2. Constant time pressure for teachers and students > causing focus on logical learning & the mental body. Lack of time given for evolution of emotional intelligence, intuition & integrity.
  3. Modern hype of diagnosis & even medical interventions. Since 2020 without approval. of parents.
  4. Hierarchy of age, authority and mindset.
  5. Blockages in visionary optimization and evolution of schools by parents > causing insecurity about new developments. Parents often appreciate what they know, even if what they experienced was of low value for themselves.
  6. Early comparison in big groups (with all their advantages!).
  7. Daily term of “work” implemented too early.

With Pocket Potentials we look into each other´s eyes and see potentials for these and other times. Unwrapping the gifts with laughter. We all bring them.

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They say…

“Very thought provoking!”

Andy G., United Kingdom, Father & Unschooling client

“Her father has been reading your concept sheet like a handbook (it’s on a clipboard hanging right where they play!) and says it is changing his life and just tears of joy and realizing this journey will be an unschooling for both, him and I, as well… thank you for this gift. For those who have eyes to see… it is precious like gold.

“Thanks so much for your support and sharing your experience and wisdom, it means a lot to us.”


“The kids love you – because you catch human – overlooking the children´s needs, always aiming towards fostering the child´s development of a good and free human being.”

Maria d., Germany, Mother of a student

“I consider you to be an extraordinarily talented and capable teacher, which is also symbolized by your outstanding achievements.”

Sascha O., Germany, Instructor


must be the number of the children I have worked with during the last…

15 years

of experience.

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